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Dance Classes

Why register your child at Armenian Educational & Research Group? Because it’s fun and educational. Positive and creative. A chance to build coordination and confidence, healthy hearts and flexible bodies. Because it will give your child a love of dance and a feeling for music. And, just as important, because we don’t focus on competition.

Our mission is to have a place where children can come and learn and feel good about themselves. We strive to provide the best in technique in a fun way that makes it enjoyable.

We believe each dancer has something special to add to the art form. We celebrate each dancer’s unique talents. We continually praise growth and good attitudes. We help our students to feel unbelievable great about themselves and their accomplishments, regardless of their skill level.

ArmERG supports and encourages those who have professional goals in their art-form; however, it is our objective that students take what they learn at ArmERG and apply the self-discipline, physical confidence, and caring instruction toward all aspects of their lives.

We accomplish this goal by maintaining a supportive environment and by filling the classrooms with professionals who, not only have extraordinary experience to share, but whom have a passion to teach, give, and support their students.

We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe environment for students, and strive to build self-confidence in every student.  Our students take classes for enjoyment, exercise, poise, confidence and the team spirit that is developed.

We strongly adhere to our core purpose and mission: to help every student realize their full potential and enhance their lives through dance.  What we believe separates our dance classes from others is our love for teaching.  We emphasize proper dance technique in a warm, friendly environment where all students are encouraged to reach their full potential and most important develop confidence and skills that will help them succeed in life.

ArmErg is committed to providing quality dance instruction in a positive learning environment in which children are encouraged to be creative and to develop a true love and appreciation of dance.

Given the varying levels of natural ability and inclination that our students bring to the dance, ArmERG is focused on nurturing natural talent as well as helping inexperienced dancers develop the skills they need to succeed as competitive dancers.

International Dance

International dance routines are choreographed from slow and fast group dances originating in Armenian, Greek, Russian, Indian, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Georgian, and other cultures.

Latin Social Dance

Latin Social Dance introduces students to salsa, mambo, merengue, bachata, tango, cha-cha-cha and other dances originating in Latin America.


Hip Hop is a contemporary jazz form sometimes referred to as funk. Our instructors teach upbeat, high energy and rhythmic combinations focusing on body isolation and sharp movements.

Jazz and Ballet

We are lookink forward to providing Jazz and Ballet classes in the near future. For more information please inquire.

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