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Reproduction of ArmERG and its Model in Multiple Communities across the Globe by Chain Reaction in Order to Accomplish the Mission and to Meet or Beat the Objectives Set forth by ArmERG while Abiding by ArmERG’s Philosophy and Culture that will Turn the Armenians of Tomorrow into a One-of-a-Kind Phenomenon Serving as the Ultimate Source and Beacon of Knowledge and Progress.


Steady and Measured Expansion of Operations in Scale, Scope, and Geography, both Vertically and Horizontally, through the Use of Positive Feedback Loop Effect whereby All Involved Parties are Incentivized to Network into ArmERG with Multiple Mutual Strong Bonds and Inter-Dependencies.

Philosophy and Culture

Building a Future with an Optimistic Outlook while Calibrating our Steps Drawing from the Historical Past; Constantly Reinforcing ArmERG’s Present Standing and Image by Establishing Quality Intra- and Inter- Organizational Networks Based on Common Goals, High Degree of Tolerance and Empowerment, as well as Extreme Regard for the Value of a Person.

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